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Silvana Imam ready for From Business to Buttons 2022 🔥

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We welcome the bombastic Swedish rap artist to our stage at the conference on May 13th.

Silvana Imam is a unique artist. She is a force of nature embracing you to listen and take a stand with her. She is an artist who makes a true impact with her performances and words, never leaving her audience untouched.

Silvana Imam is not put on our planet to please or compromise, she is here to question everything you've learned and rewrite Swedish history. A quest that requires the right person, and yes – Silvana has what it takes. All this becomes extremely clear when you see her on stage, where she can agitate, inform and comfort like none other on the Swedish music scene.

On her latest tour, Aftonbladet wrote: "… the presence is so intense, the beats so explosive and the bass passages so effectively concocted that nothing more is needed".

She has won a Grammis for Artist of the Year, Guldmicken at P3 Guldgalan for Best Live Act, and Musikförläggarnas award for Lyricist of the Year.

We are proud to present Silvana Imam at our stage at From Business to Buttons 2022 and look forward to having her close our show. Brace yourselves.

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