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Monthly Visual Forecast - #1

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We're back on the horse with a new year ahead of us, new promises to break, new Covid restrictions, and of course – a new monthly visual forecast.

How do we really know what the weather is like? By sticking our heads out the window and having a look! Let's graze the fields of design and keep an eye on the horizon together. 

- Visuals/Illustrations -

The experimentation phase of finding yourself, or at times even losing yourself, is often coupled with being under the influence of external motivation/inspiration. In some cases music, art, nature, and drugs have had a historical impact on our ability to see things from a different perspective.

Whatever the case might be we see designers being heavily influenced by the wave of 60's psychedelic work in the use of bold colors, hand-drawn type, hazy graphics, and wavy juxtapositions. The grunge aesthetics creates a visual movement and a flow which communicates a sense of individualism, freedom, or escapism from the quarantine lives we live.

Jose BerrioJose Berrio

Jasmin ChavezJasmin Chavez


- Graphic Design -

Risoprint or a Risograph is not only a sustainable and cheaper printing technique, it also produces beautiful grainy effects, an effect that the digital world of art has been mimicking for quite some time. The technique is based on a duplication printing process aimed at photocopying and printing in larger quantities using soybean oil ink on uncoated paper, often used when printing higher volumes of posters and fanzines. The grainy effects caused by the technique have a soft, subtle, and romantic pointillism-like look, which gives the finished product a hand-printed quality feel to them.

Cory SchmidtCory Schmidt Travel Zines

Max LöfflerMax Löffler


- Web -

The digital horizon is fairly flat at the moment, however, we can see a dash of colour, bold typography, and quirky graphics being used in various compositions. Also, Monochromatic colours and two-tone minimalism secretly pay homage to the flat design style, often paired with a 90's vitality and exuberance.

Filtro StudioFiltro Studio

Graza OilGraza

Marko CvijeticMarko Cvijetic


- Typography -

Today it seems like everyone is a type designer and there are a trillion new type foundries popping up, launching bespoke typefaces with every new client project. I personally think it's great! We need new and fresh ways to break swiss grids and barriers in order to move forward. Typography is literally "moving" forward with many great examples of variable-type design with dynamic features. Not only that, it moves in all directions with family extensions in unique styles, enabling endless possibilities and adaptable usage.

Highway VAR

Highway VARHighway VAR Typeface

BM Arbeiter NeueBM Arbeiter NeueBM Arbeiter Neue Font Family


Over and out my friends! Stay shiny and prosper:)