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Monthly Visual Forecast - inspirational trend series

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So, the monthly visual forecast is basically a hodgepodge of design trends and inspiration from a wide range of design principles which our Visual Designer Jack Hollsten will be sharing with you, once a month, starting now.

Why do we think this is important? Well as we're visceral creatures we could all learn something about the way we could work with experiences for other people in our daily work, and one of the ways of doing that is to get acquainted with new possibilities, technology, and trends within design and aesthetics, which in turn also affects our perception and expectations of the services we use.

Visual communication is closely tied to the overall experience of design, so that's why we want to highlight the things that inspire us. Hopefully, it will inspire you as well :)


GIFs and other effects from the 90s are in heavy rotation here & there. We see work that mimics the lo-fi and jagged style, often associated with GIFs, being used to portray certain nostalgic, analog, and undemanding visualizations. A popular art form and a way of creating character and life in storytelling.

Behance - Arina Kokoreva (MYNAH FM STUDIO).


In general, we see a lot of grids being used with text or images as focal points. A juxtaposition of text overlapping images and objects, grids being used in a brutalist manner, and on-scroll effects build up momentum in crowded communication spaces.

Etienne Barbedette.

Most popular amongst layouts these days are the use of Typography front and center. Using type to guide users in their search and scanning of information. As always, and by now more so, it's important to think about the information architecture of our design to achieve a good rhythm and readable flow in our layout.

Another common sight today is using navigation or menus on pages directly, not hiding in between hamburger buns or other drawers. Placing the navigation in specific sections of their own can be a good reminder of the content and presentation of what's coming next.

- TYPE -

That brings us to Typography; The name of the game this year and probably next year as well is called Expressive type. A use of humanistic typefaces, the mixing of sans-serifs and serifs to create contrast, and fully customized display fonts to achieve a unique tonality will prevail, for some time at least.

Dribbble Nathan Riley.

Using expressive type and letting the type itself become the symbol and attitude of a brand, like this branding and type works for Sinéad O'Dwyer. Inspired by different body types.

'Every Body Suisse' Type for Sinéad O'dwyer Brand, Designed by Greenspace Ltd.

See you again for the Visual Forecast next month!