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Monthly Visual Forecast – #2

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Well, folks, the Monthly Visual Forecast is here. The main objective with the MVF is to share some creative light and spark conversations about design trends, aesthetics and push our boundaries and preconceived notions about what is deemed good and bad design.

Let's not stand on ceremony...

- Identity -

To solve the many problems damaging our environment, no means or efforts are too small. Individual engagement is key and understanding our behaviour is an essential step to a brighter future.

A clear and visual presentation in gathering waste data creates insights, useful for actions and behavioural change. Have a look at the software solution 'Carrot' and their identity below, which goes to show that solutions don't have to be visually boring or green.

Carrot tech

Carrot Tech

Carrot TechCARROT - Brand strategy & Identity by 'Heydays' & 'Goods'

- 3D Animations -

A trend that continues to both exceed and nourish the design community is the use and interest in 3D design and animations. Not easy being a "full-stack" designer today.

The new wave of 'flat design' is a mix of surface textures, mellow shadows, and lighting of flat shapes and symbols. It enables a dynamic range of perspective and liveliness to the ironed-out shapes seen before.

animation 1by Synchronized, Dribbble

Zheng KaiPoster by Zheng Kai

- Graphic Design -

Many times, the most delightful design work is the simple, naked, and honest one. There's no need to sugarcoat something already sweet and savoury.

life goes on

life goes onLabel design of 'Life Goes On' hair and skin products by CFC.

Research and data are always beautiful, however, when it's being wrapped up as a design artifact with a pleasing presentation it reaches a new height of beauty.

'The Brexit Book' by Sideline Collective is a tragicomical yet marvelous case of presenting data in a creative and artistic way.

Brexit Book

Brexit BookThe Brexit Withdrawal Agreement reorganised in alphabetical order by Sideline Collective


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