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Monthly Visual Forecast – #6

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Hey, friendo...Let's talk about identity, and brand visuals!

Hey you, It's been a while! Not that you've noticed perhaps. Anyways, let's go full throttle through the autumn. 

I love looking at identities and brand design, there's something about that brand smell that lingers around after seeing something thoughtful, clever or invigorating in a brand campaign, website or print that creeps in on you.

Brand and identity co-exist, but it requires time and interest to get to know someone's identity and story. Brand visuals can have a powerful effect in reeling you in, but the identity is what stays with you afterwards.

Here are some of my insights about brand and identity:

1. The notion that a brand identity should be "consistent and clear" is the greatest delusion in the design world.

2. EVERYTHING a company does or does not do, sends a message, with or without presenting the logo.

3. A brand can not be built without an identity.

4. A strong identity doesn't necessarily need to use a logo.

5. A good brand identity is open-ended. Open for interpretation and reflection.

But never mind my mind...Take a look at these examples below to get your juices flowing.


Periplo Restaurant

iconography Periplo GIF

Periplo Restaurant, Portixol Mallorca

I LOVE a good stencil typeface and this example, made by Enrique Presa for Periplo Restaurant, was based on the marvellous GT Pressura Mono (GrilliType). It has that nice character of soft bleeding edges when stamped on various surfaces under pressure. Mimicking the stamp design lettering on old boxes, ships and marine shipping equipment.


EADEM Skincare brand packaging



Skincare brand identity for EADEM, designed by Lotta Nieminen.
Simple yet intriguing design is not as easy as it may look, and this identity is a great example of brand design done right with the right amount of spacing and typefaces in a balanced and clear mix.


Modern Life Insurance

Modern Life Insurance

Modern Life

When thinking about insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a visually bland corporate identity that usually communicates a serious and joyless life approach. That is not the case when it comes to the tech-enabled life insurance brokerage Modern Life. Bringing colour to everyday life situations with vivid illustrations and a fresh approach to a digitally connected society. Designed identity by XXIX with an aim to support a relationship-driven experience, positioning Modern Life as a people-centred brand, flexible to the needs and priorities of advisors and their end clients alike.


Huspy intro

Huspy GIF


The real estate business and home purchasing situation can be exhausting and gruesome at times, but with new companies popping up with a fresh new approach makes it bearable and interesting. Codea Studio made the brand strategy & visual identity for Huspy, an online platform aiming to enhance the human side of purchasing a home and all the including parties of the ecosystem. 



That's all for now, keep your eyes peeled for more inspiration in a month ( hopefully;) ).

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