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Machine yearning: We will have sex with robots

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Susan Weinschenk gave the, admittedly, most headline-friendly talk at From Business To Buttons. What if–in the not-so-far-away future–someone wants to marry a robot?

The transition that we're going through right now - with the technologies that redefine our relationship with technology - that change is as big as, or bigger than, the change caused by the printing press, when suddenly, we all started reading.

That was Susan Weinschenk's starting point for her talk at From Business to Buttons. She pointed out that the printing press also caused predicitions that it would cause the end of civilisation – just like today's fear of the robot apocalypse.

Is that fear justified, or not? Well, have a look at Susan's ten examples. I remember that when Susan showed the Blabdroid – adorable little cardboard robots that speak in the voice of a seven-year boy – someone at the conference tweeted: ”If the robots will just speak with kids' voices, we're gone tell them all our secrets – and we're doomed.”

Thought-provoking and fun: have a look at Susan's talk here: