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Leyla Acaroglu's talk at FBTB22: "Designing Disruptive Change"

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Want to get started with designing a future that works better than today? Leyla’s talk is the perfect stepping stone toward more sustainable design!

No matter what we’re working with, we’re all citizen designers of the future. The bad news is that since nature is not designed to handle all the altered materials we’re amassing, the planetary boundaries are threatened and we’ve entered the world’s sixth mass extinction. The good news is that with the help of a systems approach, some curiosity, and knowledge about human behavior we can hack the current ways of doing things to truly make a difference!

Watch "Designing Disruptive Change"

Leyla Acaroglu is an internationally known sustainability provocateur, sociologist, and award-winning designer. Among her latest accomplishments, she attended as a panelist at COP26 talking about the need for systems transformation around design, production, and consumption.

Watch her talk from From Business to Buttons 2022.