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Jared Spool: "What Got UX Here Won’t Get UX There"

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This year, Jared Spool made a highly anticipated comeback at the From Business to Buttons conference and presented a shift of mind on what we need to focus on bringing UX forward. According to Jared, it’s time to rethink and expand the meaning of the term outcome.

The UX field has heavily increased its impact in recent years. Companies like Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, and Uber deliver amazing experiences to users worldwide, experiences that were unbelievable back in 1978 when Jared started working in the industry.

After a quick recap of the history, Jared Spool continues to talk about one of the most important success factors that make companies deliver great UX. Instead of working as a feature factory, successful companies focus on solving real user problems. This means a shift in mindset from just shipping output to delivering a great outcome.

However, many amazing experiences that are bringing value to users, have proven to be harmful to people and societies. According to Jared, it’s time to rethink and expand the meaning of the term outcome. Instead of just asking How an experience could improve someone’s life we also need to start considering What harm our experiences could potentially cause to people and societies.

To get us where we want, designers need to have an even more strategic approach to ensure that the experiences deliver truly great outcomes for both users, people, and societies.


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