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5 books on Content Design & UX Writing

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UX Writer – it's not a new role, but it's a fast-growing one and highly requested these past couple of years. LinkedIn is flooding with job ads requesting the skill, and many professionals – such as copywriters, journalists, and content marketers – are asking themselves, "Should I transition"?

I'm one of them. 

Working as a Content Manager at a digital consulting bureau in the UX field, I started getting asked for help with words and writing. Having had a few courses in interaction design, I thought it rewarding to get to combine the two skill sets. Understanding the importance of putting the users first while reaching for the right tone and words to get them to where they needed to go. And while I was in the midst of figuring all of this out, I came across an article about UX writing. Is that what I'm doing?

UX Writing communities

So I started reading any articles about UX Writing I could get my hands on. Soon enough, that led me into joining a bunch of UX Writing communities. It's a great start to get insight into what challenges fellow UX Writers have in their day-to-day work at various different companies and services.

A few communities and exercises to check out:

If you are completely new to the field of UX, it's probably good to know from the start that it does require a bit more than just your love of words and writing. Sure, it's fun to guess your way to witty and short messages. But at some point, one realizes that having a toolbox and framework on how you set up your work – especially when working in teams with other designers – is a good thing. And foremost, understand the basics of what UX is about.

The book club challenge

In the search for further grasping the field of UX Writing, I've decided to combine it with my love of books. I want to explore what having work methods can offer me and what I can learn on Content Design and UX Writing, by just reading books and implementing as I go.

So, I made myself a challenge. What can I learn from reading 5 books on Content Design and UX Writing in a year? I scavenger hunted book stores, UX Writing communities and articles, and – quite honestly – the look and feel of the books. Finally, I settled for the following titles:

Bonus book:

So, are you up for it?

You are more than welcome to get in touch on LinkedIn to share other book recommendations or thoughts.

Now, if you don't mind, I have some reading to do.