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Impact map template – now in Mind Manager format!

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At last! Here is the popular template for Impact Maps also in Mind Manager format.

The Impact Map template supports you in defining the desired impact in a way that can be tested and validated. A template that helps  you describe behaviours and needs, and on desired capabilities of the solution, not to get stuck describing detailed functions.

The new version of the template is in Mind Manager format.

This allows for importing to most other web-based mind mapping tools. Previous – and more good looking – templates exists in:




Or, you can also print the  PDF-version.

Download the format you like, to construct your Impact Map for your project. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please post it to the Facebook-group or send an e-mail to  me directly.

Effektkarta® och Effektstyrning® are the swedish names for Impact Map and Impact Management - are registered trademarks. We want as many as possible to use them while developing services that makes impact. Please refer to inUse when explaining the principles behind the models.