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How to re-design a City

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Our CEO is one of the consultants working on the Denver project. At From Business to Buttons he gave a talk called Transforming a City: Re-designing Denver.

Kjell Persson is inUse's CEO. Since last autumn he and other service designers from inUse have been helping the City of Denver become a smarter and more sustainable city.

From a sustainability perspective our planet undoubtedly is at a very critical point. Awareness among political leaders, industrial leaders and the general public is growing. There is enormous potential to achieve positive changes by building smarter and more sustainable cities.

A lot of cities across the globe look at each other, share insights and copy efforts as we speak. inUse is part of that change. So how do you go from idea to project in the smart city era? What tools can designers use to be a part of the change? We've just started our journey with the City of Denver, but really wanted everyone to get a glimpse of what kind of work we are doing.   

The talk was filmed at From Business to Buttons 2016. If you want to see more videos from the conference be sure to follow our Youtube channel, or check in regularly over the next couple of weeks.