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How to Convince your boss to attend From Business to Buttons

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Need some help with getting funds for the conference? Here's a quick list of arguments for you to copy and email to your boss. Fingers crossed!

Hello [insert boss’ name],

I would like your support in attending the From Business to Buttons design conference on the 12th of May, 2023. It is Europe’s premier User Experience and Service Design conference, held annually in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference attracts over 700 design leaders, designers, and industry experts worldwide.

Here are some bullets of what I expect from the event – and why we as an organization will get great value out of it:

Inspiration & Motivation

  • Learning from some of the most successful designers and experts in the world will help me push the limits of my work productivity, learn new skills, and stretch my comfort zone.
  • As a designer, I need to take responsibility for the products I design regarding sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity. Technology evolves fast, and I need to keep up because the contexts in which I operate today will not be the same as tomorrow. We all need to keep our eyes on the horizon while focusing on our reality. What can we change now to get a better tomorrow?
  • The conference is the meeting point for everyone who wants inspiration and hands-on advice on how to generate business value by creating great user experiences.

Design Talks & Workshops

  • There will be 9 amazing speakers at the conference, with expertise ranging from Design leadership in healthcare to working with accessibility in gaming.
  • There are also in-depth workshops, specifically on [insert selected workshop], which will improve my knowledge and skills.

Business Strategies

  • Some sessions will deliver expert insight on the most important issues facing us as a company: digital and technological transformation, how to innovate sustainable and successful business models, building diverse and successful teams and improving efficiency and revenue.
  • I’ll be able to share key learnings to further our long-term success.

The range of knowledge, skills, and inspiration I’ll gain will enable me to contribute even more value to our business and provide a real return on investment.

With your permission, I’d like to book my ticket before they sell out. Discounts are also available for groups of 5 or more.


Ticket(s): [Insert cost]

Airfare and transportation: [Insert cost]

Hotel: [Insert cost]

Meals: [Insert cost] (meals are included in the ticket on the conference day).

Total event costs: [Insert cost]

For more information, you can visit the website here:

Thank you,