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Hot topic comedian ready for From Business to Buttons 2021

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We’re excited to announce the second performing artist at the FBTB conference this year. We present to you, for a standup session, comedian and actress Bianca Kronlöf! BOOOOM!

She is most recently known for her powerful open letters on social media to fellow controversial comedian Soran Ismail and the comedy industry in Sweden, following the criticized program ”Persona non grata” on SVT. If you haven't seen the open letters yet – do it! 

Bianca is known for her feministic approach to comedy and entertainment. She has produced, alongside her sister, celebrated comedy series such as ”Full patte”, and she has been awarded ”Best new actress” at Guldbaggegalan, 2016, for her performance in the drama ”Svenskjävel”.

And now, we're proud to welcome her to our stage!

Less than 3 weeks left to the From Business to Buttons conference 2021.
Visit the FBTB site for more information on the speakers, entertainment and to get your ticket!