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The final speaker: The Co-creator of Nintendo Wii

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It's a real megastar that completes the line-up at this years' From Business to Buttons. The Game Design Expert Shinichiro Tamaki who is the Co-Creator of Nintendo Wii!

In 2005 something happened in the gaming industry. At E3, Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Revolution – later renamed Nintendo Wii. Upon it’s release late 2006 it was clear to everyone that this was something completely different than all other gaming consoles before it. The full-body gaming experience with the Wii Remotes, the Balance Board and much more, created a revolutionizing, social, living room experience that turned even the most jaded parent into a gamer. Microsoft would later copy the full-body experience concept with Xbox Kinect in 2010, and Sony with Playstation Move the same year.

Shinichiro Tamaki first joined Nintendo as a programmer, but changed roles pretty quick. After a few years he, and less than a handful of colleagues, was tasked to start creating a new gaming platform. A platform that would go on to sell more than 100 million units, and would open up new niches, showing both that games could be an engaging and social experience for the whole family, and that gaming could actually exercise more than your hands. 

Tamaki-san was involved in pretty much all hardware, software and service development from the very beginning. In his work, and afterward, Tamaki-san was also one of the key figures in marketing the Wii, giving interviews together with Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. So much that he became known as "The Evangelist of Nintendo Wii" among his peers in Japan.

Even so, Tamaki-san's talk at From Business to Buttons will mark his first ever appearance in Europe. He is coming to share the unique story behind the Nintendo Wii. You do not want to miss this!

Join Shinichiro Tamaki and all the other great speakers at From Business to Buttons in Stockholm in May!