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Final FBTB17 speaker announced: Dawn Ressel!

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The fantastic Dawn Ressel, and we're all set! We have the nine speakers. There are less than 100 tickets left to the main event and two of the workshops are already sold out. FBTB17 is going to be... AMAZING!

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Dawn Ressel is the Design Strategist behind the Intuit Design System. She leads her company’s initiative to create cohesive end-to-end experiences, across all products, for all of Intuit’s users: consumers, small business owners and accountants.

Her talk is called Evolving design systems for flexibility and scale. She will share her journey to create a durable, scalable design system for Intuit, one of the world’s largest software companies. Intuit has found a balance between creating intentional design cohesion where it matters while allowing the flexibility to address unique customer and brand needs. Dawn will also address how designers best can work with technologists to create great design systems.

Jaime Levy, Mike Monteiro, Danielle Ehrlich, Eric Meyer, Alan Cooper, Alexander Osterwalder, Katie Dill, Donna Lichaw and now Dawn Ressel – that's our line-up. You really can't afford to miss out!


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