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FBTB23 TALKS: Gerd Leonhard – Designing the Good Future

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Are the doors closing on humanity? Global warming, war and AI are taking our jobs (and then harvesting our bodies for energy). Lights out. Or is the future better than we think? Futurist and humanist Gerd Leonhard believes it is.

With the topic Designing the Good Future, futurist and public speaker Gerd Leonhard shares his view on the technological leaps humanity is facing in the coming years. We can be optimistic about what these can bring or withdraw into a dystopian view of the future.

In his keynote from From Business to Buttons 2023, Gerd challenges us to practice our ability to think about the future constructively.

The good future exists first in the imagination, then in the will, then in reality.

Our way of thinking about the future will affect our ability to create the future that we need. We need to remember that the future is not something that just happens to us – it is something we design and create every single day, by action or by inaction. A Good Future is possible; it all depends on our choices.

Gerd says The Good Future will come down to our ethics and values, to global collaboration and to a collective definition of what kind of future we want (rather than what future we can have), and to reach a consensus on how to achieve it best.

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