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FBTB23: Get the Words to Work with Torrey Podmajersky

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The best-selling author of "Strategic Writing for UX" joins the From Business to Buttons conference in Stockholm on May 12th 2023.

Torrey Podmajersky uses her 12 years of experience doing UX writing and Content strategy for a wide variety of products to help her create extraordinary experiences with and for a broad range of people. She has done everything from freelance fiction writing, home health care work, high-power rocketry, and marketing communications to teaching high-school science – as she has a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Washington. 

Her best-selling book Strategic Writing for UX was published in 2019 and has since been a must-read for any aspiring UX Writers and strategists. Torrey is a well-known name in any UX Writing-community, and we’re beyond excited to get the chance to learn about the discipline from the author herself.

Get the Words to Work

Words are the fundamental user interface: They make your experience usable, lovable, and recognisable. So why do our design systems and final designs pay so little attention to the UX content? In this presentation, Torrey Podmajersky will show how the language we use and the structure it reflects affects every part of the experience. She’ll refer to frameworks you can use tomorrow and offer concrete examples to demonstrate various ways content design can impact and influence your organisation. You’ll make your words work as hard as any other part of the UX to drive engagement, conversion, and retention. 

This talk will be invaluable for any designer, but especially for people currently responsible for the words in the UX, owners of the product’s brand and leaders who want to ensure usable, loveable and recognizable experiences.

Read about the takeaways on the website.

Strategic Writing for UX

In Torrey Podmajersky’s workshop, you learn to align your UX text to the purposes of the product and its users in a way your entire organisation can use. This necessary and missing piece of your design system will create consistency with brand, usability, and coherence among disparate features. 

Torrey will lead you through the purpose and process of defining the UX voice of an experience using the framework she developed, used, and shared in her book. You’ll learn how to use existing principles or define the ones your organisation needs, then draft your voice chart to align with those principles. Then, you’ll get hands-on practice using your chart to score existing text and improve it. 


  • A process to define the principles of an experience

  • Your own voice chart, drafted

  • Practical experience measuring and re-drafting text with the voice chart

  • Examples of how to lead content creation and decisions with voice


  • Mid- to senior-level UX designers, UX writers, content designers, and content strategists

  • Managers and leaders of UX and writing teams who want a design system for text

Get yourself a seat at Torrey's workshop on May 11th and the FBTB23 conference on May 12th. Visit fbtb.se for more information and tickets.