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FBTB22: Resilient business and future design work

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We just announced our first speaker for FBTB22. Now, let us tell you what the conference is all about. Here it is, the manifesto!

We have just been through a pandemic. It has changed us, our ways of working, and the way we interact with each other. Now, more than ever, we need to be prepared when the shit hits the fan. We need our businesses to be resilient and we need to be able to quickly adapt to a new way of living and new ways of working. 

We need great leadership for this. And we need to come together and work closely, even if it’s from a distance. Regardless, designers and leaders need to know how to push the design agenda all the way up to the board meetings. And when we finally get there, what skills are needed to take charge? Probably not the same ones as we have today. Design Leadership is about turning uncertainties into opportunities and building resilient businesses. And even if you're not the one walking into the boardroom, you can lead yourself and influence others to understand that great design equals great business value.

As designers, we need to take responsibility for the products we design, both when it comes to ethics, accessibility, and sustainability. Technology evolves fast and we need to keep up. It might feel like you are always one step behind, because the contexts in which we operate today will not be the same as tomorrow. In order to not fall behind we all need to keep our eyes on the horizon while focusing on what our reality actually is today. What can we change now to get a better tomorrow? How can we improve our day-to-day work so that our design doesn’t lose it’s “best before”-date? These are topics and conversations we must have – and will have – at the conference! Let's talk about our future design work and HOW we make it work here, now, and tomorrow. 

From Business to Buttons 2022 is about that and much more. For us, personally, it’s about meeting fellow designers and leaders. Face to face. We, the FBTB team, miss that a lot. And our team members do as well. But it’s also about developing as human beings and as designers. To learn from design advocates, be inspired by pioneers, and get some hands-on advice that we can apply to our work tomorrow. 

Welcome to From Business to Buttons 2022!

/Lotta Gerdt & Sara Yxhage and the FBTB22 Crew

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