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Andrew La Monica on Leveling-Up The UX Team

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Andrew La Monica has a long experience working as a Design leader within major organizations. If you are struggling in your UX team, watch his keynote from FBTB22 and we promise that you'll be more confident in your abilities as a UX function afterward. As well as being equipt with a toolkit to deliver impact across the organization.

There is a robust belief that design equals value. UX teams have an opportunity to affect business and make an impact in ways that are unprecedented. Not just in the customer experience, but directly for the people who use the products. Unfortunately, many UX functions are still fighting for a seat at the table -or- if they have a seat, it’s a high chair at the kid’s table.

In this talk from From Business to Buttons 2022, Andrew La Monica communicates his view on the “How”. Andrew shares insights on how to be a more effective UX team, blueprints to impact business, and actions that accelerate your leadership. Drawing on proven psychological research and 20+ years of first-hand experience, he presents practical techniques that can be used immediately.


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