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FBTB TALKS: Kim Goodwin – Design & Leadership Lessons from Healthcare

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Kim Goodwin is one of the most appreciated speakers in FBTB history, as well as in the international design community. This year she returned for the fourth time to share her lessons from working with healthcare.

Design & Leadership Lessons from Healthcare

On stage, Kim Goodwin highlighted the need to reduce the risk of harm through traceability of design choices, conducting risk analysis (it isn't safe until proven it is) and reporting adverse events for post-release responsibility.

Design can be harmful. As doctors have degrees and licenses to earn power through legitimacy, Kim reflects on if that also should be the case for designers.

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In her talk, Kim continues to argue that we should not only design to prevent and solve problems but to help people thrive. Health is not the absence of disease but the presence of optimal well-being.

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