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FBTB TALKS: Eva-Lotta Lamm – Sketching User Scenarios (Hands-on)

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Want to get better at drawing and visualising your ideas? Designer and Visual thinker Eva-Lotta Lamm will show you how to do it in this Sketch-along she did with the audience at From Business to Buttons 2023.

As designers, we often work with humans in mind. So practice drawing people in different situations is a valuable skill to learn. But be kind to yourself and keep it simple!

Create communicative sketches by combining some basic geometric shapes. Using stick figures, super simple icons, and environments is enough to communicate your ideas more effectively. It doesn't need to be perfect – the critical part is for others to understand what you mean and create a common ground for constructive discussions.

"The making influences the thinking", said Otl Aicher, a famous German graphic designer and typographer. So start the video, drop the demands on yourself and start drawing!

Watch Eva-Lotta Lamm's Sketch-along