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FBTB 2023: Welcome back, Kim Goodwin!

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Our second speaker is no stranger to the conference. She's back to blow our minds once again, and will also be facilitating an exciting workshop. The fourth time's the charm, right? Welcome back, Kim Goodwin!

Kim Goodwin is not only the bestselling author of Designing for the Digital Age and a well-known design leadership guru, but she is also one of the top 3 rated speakers in the history of From Business to Buttons. During Kim’s 25+ years in UX and product, both consulting and in-house, she’s managed to visit us not once, not twice – but three times before! And as the results show, her talks have always been much appreciated. Take a look at Kim's previous talks from 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Kim is a professional when it comes to helping organizations build their internal design capabilities through coaching and organizational change management. She’s led design and research projects in aviation, retail, communication, financial services, consumer, enterprise, automotive, IT, and other industries. Kim has her base near San Francisco but regularly speaks and teaches at UX conferences around the world. She’s often in another time zone – whether it’s herding cats in a conference room or photographing wildlife in places with no Internet access (check out her amazing photography on Instagram @kim.goodwin).

Design & Leadership Lessons from Healthcare

In her talk at #fbtb23, Kim will share insights from the healthcare industry. Designing for illness means understanding humans at their most vulnerable – often frightened, perhaps cognitively challenged, and probably facing a complicated set of barriers to effective care. Designing for wellness means understanding what it means for humans to thrive. And getting anything built into healthcare means figuring out how to navigate regulations, rigid processes, and complex professional cultures.

Kim will discuss how lessons learned from these environments can be helpful in other situations, whether we’re designing enterprise software or creating an environment where teams can do their best work.

Workshop with Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin will also be one of the speakers who will host a workshop at the conference. Prolong your experience and add her workshop, on May 11th, to your FBTB23 experience.

The workshop will teach valuable learnings about how to turn data into design with the help of journey maps, scenarios and storyboards. You’ll learn a framework for making design decisions and see how to:

  • Get a shared, user-centred view of the problems and opportunities

  • Apply scenarios to define the cross-channel experience

  • Work scenarios into your Agile, waterfall, or agile-fall process

  • Help stakeholders focus on cohesive experiences rather than fragmented features

  • Help others understand the possibilities through storytelling and sketches

 Read more about Goodwin's workshop here.

Join the conference

The tickets for the conference and the released workshops (more will come) are available. Get tickets to FBTB23 here. If you're a team of five members or more, we recommend contacting our project manager Isabel Bjärnström at '' for a group discount.