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FBTB 2022: Leyla Acaroglu – sustainability provocateur and Champion of the Earth

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Dr. Leyla Acaroglu is an internationally known sustainability provocateur, sociologist, and award-winning designer. Among her latest accomplishments, she attended as a panelist at COP26 talking about the need for systems transformation around design, production, and consumption. And now, she'll add From Business to Buttons-speaker to the list.

Leyla Acaroglu was named Champion of the Earth by the United Nations in 2016, Change-Maker by Linkedin in 2021 and is a mainstage TED speaker. She leads presentations with leaders around the world on activating positive change for a sustainable, circular, and regenerative future.

What can we expect from your topic and talk at FBTB? Any teasers?
— As designers, we have an immense influence on society and with this brings a great opportunity to help design the future that works better than today.  Whilst there is infinite potential for transformative change, there are equally infinite impacts that we must contend with. With such rapid technological and cultural change, how can design create the cultural conditions that facilitate positive change, and level up the role we each play in shifting the status quo?

—I will share some provocations on thinking differently about the climate, waste, and cultural crises we are in, and drawing on my own work and experiences in working to effect change by design, challenging the audience to explore a metamorphose of what design is.

As a serial social entrepreneur, Leyla founded The UnSchool, an experimental knowledge lab for adults, developed the Disruptive Design Method. She is also the CEO of the creative agency, Disrupt Design, which has worked with clients such as UN environment program (UNEP) and Oxfam.

What are you most excited about coming to Stockholm for the conference?
— I'm really looking forward to meeting (in person!) with other designers and creatives passionate about forging the future of design as a leading agent of change in creating a better future!

There's no shortage of knowledgeable talks to get you started on the sustainability force that is Leyla Acaroglu. Have a look at any of these to get a hang of what she is all about:

Oh, and make sure to get your tickets to the conference of course! It's time to start working on your elevator pitch to convince that boss of yours. This is simply the design conference to attend next year. We won't leave you hanging though! We're also working on tips for you on how to convince your boss. We'll get back to you on that.

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