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FBTB 2022: Anna Piperal (EST) – Building zero-bureaucracy governance with AI

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Can you imagine a place where governments have digitalized everything from e-identification to tax returns and are even building an AI ecosystem for seamless and proactive public administration? Well, that place already exists, and it’s called Estonia.

The 9th and final speaker for From Business to Buttons 2022 is Anna Piperal, an e-governance expert, branding professional, and strategic intervention coach. She caught our attention through her highly Interesting TED talk back in July 2019, where she spoke about the benefits of e-Government in Estonia. 

Over 20 years ago, the government in Estonia started to build the foundation for e-Estonia –  a system where they have digitized almost everything within the state apparatus: privacy and data ownership, e-identification, and e-signatures. Everything is logged in self-built blockchains. The state may not save the same data in several places, and it's the main source of the exchange of data between authorities.

– Indeed, one of the features of modern life that has no reason to exist anymore, considering the technological possibilities of today, is the labyrinth of bureaucracy, states Anna in her TED talk.

Anna is a professional public speaker and has spoken to thousands of international decision-makers like world leaders, kings, presidents, ministers, business people, investors, and media at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, as well as speaking at hundreds of international conventions. 

– In most countries, people don’t trust their governments, and the governments don’t trust them back. All the complicated paper-based formal procedures are supposed to solve that problem. Except that they don’t. They just make life more complicated.

Having a background in public administration, technology governance, and cyber security, Anna is dealing with e-Estonia brand building and communication, leading e-Estonia briefing centre activities, and helping other countries choose the transformation path.  

Anna seeks to convince business and state leaders to implement technology in order to create a transparent and efficient effect, saving costs and gradually increasing citizens’ trust. Through her work, she has helped with the exploration of new ideas that could push the world to a better, bureaucracy-free space. She has supported the introduction of Estonian blockchain in the EU and has led projects, such as building VR-Estonia that allows anyone to drive into Estonian digital reality.

We are thrilled to welcome Anna Piperal as a speaker at From Business to Buttons 2022.

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