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FBTB Design Lunch with the Chief Design Officer at Electrolux

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Headline for the next Design Lunch is 'Using Human-Centric Design to make Sustainable behavior the preferred choice'. And the wonderful speaker is Pernilla Johansson, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux. If you don't already have a FBTB ticket – with which you can join the Design Lunch – it's really time to get one!

At inUse we often talk about human behavior and how we have to think holistically of sustainability. A line of thought we share with our next speaker. So, I think you can imagine why we are quite excited about Pernilla Johansson joining our lineup and her upcoming talk at the FBTB Design Lunch.

– Today, it’s easier to live unsustainably than sustainably, and the feeling of being unable to act on climate change is a concern for many of us as we are not living as sustainable as we may wish. On the one hand we have our perceptions of what we consider sustainable and the behaviors we would like to adopt. On the other hand, we have often deeply rooted behavior in everyday life.

– Even though we are looking to adopt new behaviors there are underlying obstacles that get in the way. Hence designing for behavioral change becomes the single most important challenge, and the design approach must therefore be centered around a deep-rooted understanding of human behavior.

What will be the main takeaways from your talk? 

– One third of global emissions come from food production and the food industry is one of the biggest threats to our climate. So how do we tackle this very large and complex challenge? How can we designers use our superpowers to influence positive change in this area?

– Without going into any solutions I will talk about the approach we took and the learning we gained by using highly holistic mixed research methodologies. The story directs itself to anyone who has a keen interest in a design process that is research-based, iterative, and people-centric that goes beyond physical or digital borders.  

Electrolux has gone through lots of changes, how come you can keep up with the ongoing transformations?

– If there's one thing that's certain in life it's the occurrance of changes. When you work at a company the size of Electrolux I don’t think it’s humanly possible to keep up with all the changes – one has to trust, let go and focus on the things one can influence. Personally, it helps me to feel the change, to experience it. That by itself becomes a strong motivation for transformational change and when that change becomes exponential, things get really exciting.

We are so happy that you are contributing to the Design Lunches and FBTB!

– I attended the FBTB event for the first time in 2019 and I was very impressed with the setup. It’s a true privilege to have this so close to home and I’m really looking forward to continuing to support it. Offline or online.

Get your FBTB ticket – and have a look at the Design Lunches schedule here!