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Design Lunch: ChatGPT – friend or foe of the future?

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In the last Design Lunch of this FBTB season, Gerd Leonhard zeroes in on what the future holds for humanity and how we will create the future we want.

What is a futurist's take on ChatGPT?

EQ meets IQ as Gerd Leonhard remixes futurism with humanism, algorithms with androrithms, science with imagination, and business with art.

One of the topics at the upcoming design lunch will – of course – be the breakthrough of ChatGPT.

We will ask him questions like: 

  • ChatGPT is trained on internet text – will it include biased or deceptive info? How can we handle that?
  • Used in politics, ChatGPT could be used to quickly and convincingly spread misinformation and disinformation – is this the end of open elections? How do we deal with that?

Gerd will also power through his recent findings on how to use ChatGPT to reach ‘the good future’.

Listen in on the virtual event

Join us at this open and free event on May 5th at 12 pm CET.

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