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David de Léon is the host of FBTB 2022

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We proudly present the host of FBTB 2022. With a long experience as Design Director at inUse, David de Léon is back to lead the conference this year. And, he looks forward to taking part in many exciting and interesting talks with hundreds of like-minded people.

What can the participants of this year’s conference expect from you as a host?
— I think of myself as the audience's representative on stage. It is my job to be well informed, to put things in context, to ask our speakers for clarifications, and to challenge them a little bit.

You were the host last year too, at the first-ever digital FBTB conference. What will be the biggest difference for you this time?
— Last year I was in a green screen studio talking to a small cross taped to one of the walls. That was a novel and fun experience, but there is – of course – none of the same energy as when we meet up live. Nor the possibility of connecting with the other conference attendees. There is something that comes from being in the same room and sharing the same air that is importantly different than staring at screens.

What are you looking forward to the most?
— The energy and pulse of partaking in an event on a subject that I care deeply about, together with hundreds of like-minded people. There is also something simultaneously frightening and invigorating in being stared at by a crowd of strangers.

How do you prepare for this task?
I like to read something by each speaker and watch a talk they have given. I have a fear of saying their names wrong, so usually watch a bunch of YouTube videos to get those right – not that I always succeed. I come up with a bunch of questions ahead of time, but then I also try to listen and be really present in the moment during the talks and the interview segments.

Finally, what do you want to say to those who have not yet decided or had the time to buy a ticket? Why should they participate?
— I don’t know what reasons people have one way or the other. But, if you are a person who is just on the edge, and can’t decide one way or the other, I would say get a ticket. Just do it. That is the scientifically proven best action. No, really. Look up Steven Levitt’s coin toss experiment.


Visit the From Business to Buttons website to get all the information about the main event on May 13th and the workshops.