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BREAKING NEWS: Free FBTB Design Lunch with Kat Zhou – product designer at Spotify

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Yep, you read that headline right. We are inviting you to a design lunch, completely for free, together with the creator of and FBTB 2022 speaker Kat Zhou.

Whether you already have a ticket to From Business to Buttons 2022 or not, we are inviting you for a design lunch on December 14th with Kat Zhou together with FBTB 2021 host (and Design Director at inUse) David de Léon. They will meet in a conversation about how the toolkit <Design ethically> came to life and what design work is like at Spotify.

So, make sure to register for the event right away and scribble it down in your calendar.

WHEN? December 14th at 12 pm CET.
WHERE? Online. Register for the free design lunch here.

And if you haven't bought your conference ticket yet, this is what you need to know:

  1. Four speakers have been presented – many more to go
    Andy Budd – Design leadership guru & Founder of Clearleft
    Kat Zhou – Creator of <Design ethically> & product designer at Spotify
    Leyla Acaroglu – Sustainability provocateur & Champion of the earth
    Allie Vogel – Exploring gender fluidity through Virtual reality & AI

    And there are still 6 more awesome speakers yet to be announced.
  2. Where & when will the conference take place?
    At the venue Cirkus in Stockholm on the 13th of May.
    In January we will release the workshops with our speakers which will take place on the days leading up to the conference. Keep an eye out for that!
  3. What is the theme for From Business to buttons 2022?
    Great question! The headline is "Resilient business and future design work".
    Read the official Manifest for next years design conference.
  4. Bring your team!
    FBTB is a design conference best shared with your design team or favorite colleagues.
    Gather a group of at least 5 people to get access to the discount code GROUP15 for a whopping 15% off the ticket price. How great is that?
  5. Price goes up up up soon
    In two weeks the price will rise. This is the cheapest it will ever be. A great argument to use if you need to convince your boss and use what is left of the "competence budget" for this year. Tickets can be found here.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact project manager Isabel Bjärnström.

Hope to see you at FBTB 2022! But first – see you at the Design lunch with Kat Zhou 👋