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The author of Design for Cognitive Bias joins From Business to Buttons 2023

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David Dylan Thomas is no stranger to conferences. He’s a popular figure in the UX community with twenty years of practising content strategy and UX under his belt. Don't miss his FBTB Design Lunch & workshop!

As the author of Design for Cognitive Bias and creator and host of The Cognitive Bias Podcast, David has become a strong voice for inclusive design, social justice and the role of bias in making decisions. Over the years, he’s consulted major clients in entertainment, healthcare, finance, and retail and has presented at events such as TEDNYC and SXSW. We are proud to add our stage to his list.

David's upcoming talk at FBTB23

The Content Design of Civil Discourse: Turning Conflict into Collaboration

In the current political climate, it seems like we’ve all but given up on productive, respectful discourse. However, there are simple design and content design choices we can make that encourage collaboration over conflict, even when dealing with hot-button issues. In this session, we’ll look at real-world examples of how the way we phrase a question or design an interaction can have a huge impact on the quality of conversation and the three rules they share.

Design Lunch & Workshop

Get to know David Dylan Thomas before the conference!
Together with David de Léon, a familiar face from last year's conference, we'll have a digital sit-down with David Dylan Thomas (Yep, David and David) on November 29th.

More information about the topic of the conversation will come, but you can already sign up for it, so you don't miss out.

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Workshop with David at FBTB23

Inclusive Design: Creating a Bias-Informed Practice

What David Dylan Thomas doesn't know about biased design is probably not worth knowing. Getting the chance to learn his expertise is priceless, and we are really excited about this opportunity.

This workshop is intended to help organizations come up with systemic ways to mitigate bias in their design processes, resulting in more effective design and far more satisfied customers. It begins with the acknowledgement that our users have biases, and so do we. So, we have to ask ourselves – how might we use design and content tools and methods to reduce the harm those biases might cause? Or even use some of our mental shortcuts for good.

Read about the takeaways you can expect from the workshop.

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