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"Get design and win big": Say hi to UX legend Alan Cooper!

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Speaker number 5 to be announced for From Business to Buttons 2017 is a real UX legend: Alan Cooper! – He is one of the people that have crafted our profession, says Jonas Söderström.

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Alan Cooper co-founded Cooper in 1992. He is widely known for his role in humanizing technology through his groundbreaking work in software design.

– Alan Cooper is one of the people that have crafted our profession. One of the true pioneers, one of the founding fathers of interaction design, says Jonas Söderström, Senior User Experience Designer and author.

Among other things, Cooper invented personas as a practical design tool.

– It takes a great mind to challenge the accepted approach to software construction – to realize that developers weren’t asking the question "How will users interact with this?" And then to make the transition to focus on design and on user experience. That’s nothing short of a quantum leap, says Jonas Söderström.

Alan is also the author of the books About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design and The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity. Widely recognized as the “Father of Visual Basic". 

– I'll never forget when I read "The inmates are running the asylum". It made a profound impression. Here was a man that was aware of the state of the world and the realities of high tech – not just a blue-eyed technophile, says Jonas Söderström.

– It's even more remarkable since he really started as an engineer, at the very deepest level: creating programming languages. 

This is how Alan desribes the talk he'll give at FBTB17:

It seems every business person has gotten the memo: get design and win big. Companies everywhere are hiring, contracting, acquiring, and training designers. Lots of Sharpies and Post-Its are being consumed. In-house design teams are huge, some gargantuan.

But is it really making any difference to the bottom line? Alan Cooper explains why success requires more than just designers. You must also effectively integrate design into your business—and that is a significant design problem in itself.

Taking the perspective of an interaction design pioneer, Alan explores the recent trend of hiring in-house design teams and outlines its implications on the industry as a whole. Along the way, Alan discusses ROI in design and questions whether we are measuring success using the right yardstick. Alan also proposes some solutions and shares some real-life case studies of successful design.

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