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Service Design

Service Design is a collection of design-oriented methods aiming to capture a holistic view of users’ – or customer, patient, students, or citizen – complex points of interactions with an organization, service, and brand. 

In a digitalized and service-oriented world, it is crucial that users are supported to handle a complex range of available service interactions. Therefore, the importance of creating fine-tuned and great service experiences is increasing.

To succeed with your Service Design, you need to create an accessible overview for different stakeholders within an organization. We do this with a human-centered perspective focusing on user behavior and culture as a primary change factor.

Using Customer Journeys, Service Blueprinting, Impact Mapping, and other available tools and methods an organization can capture and set a starting point for strategic directions and business decisions. This provides the basis for ideation and co-creation of relevant services and values for organizations and customers.   

We can support you in defining your customer journeys and capture your service experience qualities. Using this as a starting point we help you explore and define future customer journeys and set a strategic direction on how to level up on a better service experience for your targeted customers and users. Want to learn more? Please explore inUse’s Guide to Service Design for more knowledge.