Human-Centred AI

At InUse, we are helping you make sense of AI technology as an enabler for great user experience and impact on your organization.

As you explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enhance your products and services, there are a few things to consider. At InUse, we are helping you make sense of AI technology as an enabler for great user experience and impact on your organization.

However, data-driven and AI-infused services is a new territory. The skills, methods, and tools that make up the typical repertoire of UX and Service Designers are not enough to handle AI-infused services that adapt to user preferences over time, take initiative, and require integrated and continuous data collection as part of the interaction.

This is where Human-Centered AI comes into play. It represents a new design domain, where human-centered design meets state-of-the-art AI technology. At InUse, we view AI as a design material from which you can build a new set of human experiences that are significantly different from traditional digital services.

We help you and your team with:

  1. Understanding AI capabilities: Learning is part of the journey, and we provide skills that help you actually understand what the AI technology is able to do, what it’s not able to do, and what different options you have.
  2. Envisioning novel feasible AI for UX problems: Knowing and understanding AI is not the same thing as being able to ideate successfully. Our design-oriented approach helps you set up the desired impact in combination with great user experiences.
  3. Prototyping and evaluating: Prototyping and evaluating evolving adaptive systems is different from traditional deterministic systems. We provide methods for prototyping and evaluating how AI-infused services are used and experienced.
  4.  Understanding long-term impact: We help you think carefully and hard about long-term unintended (and intended) consequences. AI is not only about adaptive user interface design. It’s also about how AI can affect your front-stage operations and back-stage processes, as well as your business.
  5. Enhancing interdisciplinary communication: We provide facilitation, learning, and visualization to the table so that different disciplines can work together towards a common goal.

In order to build great user experiences with AI technology, you need competency and experience. InUse helps you develop great design patterns and best practices for your AI-powered services. By growing the shared knowledge in our community, we can help develop better services and experiences for all.