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Business Design

A lot of our clients, and especially industrial clients, have digital anxiety. They see that the new technology and new market will challenge their old way of working. Business Design helps them to have a grounded approach to new technology and new business models. It is a way of building innovation on current core competence.

So, what is Business Design?

Traditional strategy work has turned out to be inadequate for a world that is changing more rapidly. It tends to be too static and missing important elements both when it comes to structural changes as well as fundamental understanding.

Business Design has some of the fundamentals borrowed from business strategy, but in order to apply it to the challenges of today, it is inspired by design thinking as methodology and of user-centricity as a mind-set.

When technology allows us to build almost anything, we need to find our competitive advantage in other aspects. Aspects like new business models, organizational changes and customer experience will be as crucial as technology for successful and impactful offerings.

Business Design target decision-makers and strategy owners to help them to navigate in this new world. It is not necessarily digital strategies, but strategies for a digitalized world.

But why inUse?

Besides the iterative framework provided by design thinking, there are a couple of aspects that make inUse very suitable for answering these strategic questions.

  • At the core of inUse, we have the mindset of working towards actual impact, this allows us to be more tangible than traditional strategy work
  • Since a lot of the Business Design work is to not just to take one perspective, but combine and understand the perspectives of different fields, experience in understanding people and their reasoning is of the essence. A core competence of inUse.
  • Being part of the AFRY network of experts that together with inUse are able to use domain knowledge within specific areas, while combining it with the analytic and strategic perspective of Business Design puts us in a stronger position than most of our competitors.