Tailor Store

Accelerating the e-store buying experience

inUse guidelines accelerated Tailor Store's buying experience. Tailor Store is one of Sweden's largest e-commerce companies focusing on tailor-made clothing, with high customer satisfaction among their existing customers.

The Challenge

Conducting an e-commerce purchase of a tailor-made garment means that the customer must choose the fabric, design the garment, and set the dimensions before the purchase can be completed. It can be exciting – but also difficult for a first-time visitor to understand the flow and feel secure in making such a purchase. The challenge was to understand tailor stores' target-group, reach out to them, and convert them to new customers.

The Approach

To get a better understanding of Tailor Stores users, we started doing interviews with existing customers to better understand their needs, attitudes, and how they perceived the buying experience. We also conducted user tests on potential new customers. By doing so, we got insights into their experiences, behaviors, and attitudes when ordering a custom-made garment for the first time. Was the home page inputs clear? What does the first-time visitor need to know before moving forward? Where did they get stuck, and why?

We then analyzed the traffic on the site to see which pages had the most drop-offs and how they were in relation to the customer's visitor flow.

In this way, we were able to quickly see the connections between the figures displayed in google analysis, the insights from the interviews, and the user tests with customers.

The Solution

The result from the research was an in-depth analysis of the target group's behaviors, their problem areas, and needs. Based on that, we also could give Tailor Store guidelines for design adjustments, both in principle and conceptual form. Delivering the design adjustments in clear principles and not just concept sketches gave the team the freedom to experiment with the design solution itself, as long as they knew what problems and needs they would solve.

From our work, Tailor Stores development team could get a common picture of their service, both holistically and at a detailed level. The team got a clearer understanding of their customer's needs and how they could move forward to further improve the service.

inUse designjusteringar har fallit väldigt väl ut, och vi nu jobbar med dem som riktlinjer framåt.

– Tobias Lindblom, Marketing Director