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Saab Air Traffic Control

Having air traffic controllers sitting near airports in order to land planes is now history. Thanks to Saab and inUse, air traffic control towers can go mobile. Remote air traffic control streamlines the work and has the potential to change the aviation industry forever.

Air traffic towers in Sweden house a lot of equipment that helps air traffic controllers guide planes. The problem is that a great amount of this technology often must be custom-built when it’s time for an update. That’s why it is now successively being replaced with more flexible solutions based on touch screens instead of complicated controls and complex specialized interfaces.

Movie from SAAB.

The objective was to create a system that was more modern without putting security at risk.

Tested in simulation system

Tested in a simulation system together with air traffic controllers and developers from Saab, inUse worked on finding out which interfaces work. Then, in an iterative process, inUse developed prototypes for a design concept, which were user-tested and refined after multiple rounds of alterations. Everything was later tested in Saab Security System’s simulation system.

Completely new product

inUse’s work on Remote Tower, and with the mobile air traffic tower, has provided air traffic controllers with a better working environment and more customized, ergonomic daily working life. Plus the Remote Tower makes it possible to provide air traffic control remotely, meaning that a plane landing in Skellefteå can be guided by an air traffic controller sitting 1,000 kilometers away.

This development can change the entire industry. The system for remote air traffic control received an industry award for the most innovative solution. The award was handed out at ATG Global, a fair aimed at the aviation industry, in Amsterdam.