Renova's environmentally friendly customer portal provides businesses with simple tools for operational and strategic sustainability work. inUse has helped Renova creating the portal with user focus, design for behavior change, agile prototyping and smart strategy.

The Challenge

The mission was to create a digital customer portal for Renova Miljö’s customers. The purpose of this was to achieve more efficient and better waste management for waste from private properties as well as the construction, industry and trade sectors. The better the customers can sort their waste, the smoother the transport goes – and the greater the benefit for the environment. Thus, the challenge was to support Renova Miljö’s customers in their sustainability work.

The Work

Even before the new portal, Renova Miljö had access to waste management data. With the help of inUse, the company began to put these data to good use.

By combining the data with interviews with users, interviews with Renova Miljö Customer Support representatives, and knowledge from Renova Miljö’s organization, inUse, and the project team was able to get a clear picture of what was needed. inUse then created prototypes and worked in an agile, tight, strategic, and user-focused manner.

The Result

A sustainable, top-of-the-line customer portal for the environment. It allows customers to view their statistics in a visual and clear way, and in the ‘Miljönytta’ (‘Environmental Benefit’ section they can also follow what happens to their waste, how much of it is recycled, and how it is processed.

The portal was initially intended for customers, but the concept has also made these features accessible to Renova’s sellers, marketers, drivers – anyone who needs them for internal use. The portal benefits the public sector, residents, and companies.

The Renova customer portal has received a number of awards. It won the 2019 CIO Award and was a finalist for Teknikföretagen’s Grand Award of DesignRead more about this project in our blog!

Some customers gave me feedback: "it's really, really nice. You are light years ahead of your competitors." They think that the portal is very useful

– Kajsa Lager, Marketing Director, Renova