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Kronabys tech enhanced classical watches

Kronaby creates beautiful watches that look classic on the outside, but that is enhanced with the latest technology on the inside. inUse helped Kronaby in taking their user experience from pleasant to world-class.

The Challenge 

Smartwatches have for long been seen as something that is only for the biggest tech-enthusiast. However, there are big advantages for the less tech-savvy as well. The challenge was to create a smartwatch and a connected application, that is loved by my watch-enthusiasts as well as tech-aficionados. The onboarding to use the watch and get access to all its perks should be as easy as putting a vintage timepiece around your wrist.

The Approach

The team from inUse was first and foremost in charge of creating a world-class user experience in Kronaby’s connected application. Kronaby, together with us, took a design approach from the start where the new design was based on research and user needs. The users were observed in test groups to obtain the best watch. To test users early was an important component, another was to create many prototypes. Prototypes of both hardware and user interface were tested on users in real context early in the project.

The Solution

With this iterative and user-centric approach, we helped Kronaby move towards a better user experience for both their smartwatches and their connected application. With a fast iterative approach, we could design, test, and make conclusions based on the user behaviors and needs. Something that has proven to be highly successful. Today more than 1 million people use one of Kronaby’s many watch-models.