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Elin and Tommy want to go on a holiday. Now that their children are a little bit older, a holiday in the sun would be great. An all-inclusive hotel, close to the beach, with pools for the children below SEK 8,000 per person. In Reseguiden’s Charter app it’s now incredibly easy for them to find an available trip that fits their requirements, regardless of organizer.

Just as in most of our projects, we worked very closely with the customer in a joint project. Thanks to our long partnership with Reseguiden there was also plenty of background material in the form of impact maps and target group descriptions that we could refer to as we developed the solution.

“We defined the basic concept at an early stage, based on a number of values that we wanted the customer/user to experience when they used the application. From there it soon became obvious that the best of the initial ideas was to start with the map view, but with a quick, simple switch to a list that shows what you can see on the map at the moment.” – Johan Berndtsson, UX Strategist at inUse.

When the basic design patterns had been established and we’d identified the right feel in the form, the project moved into the phase where you need to experience the actual outcome in order to be able to proceed. Oppocit Consulting worked hard to develop new versions on an ongoing basis as the team discovered new opportunities for improvement.

The partnership between inUse and Reseguiden has been going on for many years, covering everything from website projects to the successful mobile app Sista Minuten [Last Minute].

We’re very pleased with the outcome. We’ve developed an app with unique content, one that gives the user an amazingly smooth experience when they want to book a trip.

– Niklas Wahlström, one of the founders of Reseguiden