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Region Skåne

The experience on becoming a parent
Our contributions

The challenge

Parents-to-be are in contact with many areas of healthcare, but how well are their needs met by the services actually offered by Region Skåne? Healthcare provision must be unbiased regardless of age, gender, social status, and ethnicity. Region Skåne wanted to research the journey of future parents as they passed many points of contact within the healthcare system. The challenge was to ensure that the widest possible range of perspectives was included.  

The work

Some 30 in-depth interviews were conducted, mainly with parents-to-be and new parents from all over the region of Skåne. The interviews covered several different areas, including the respondents’ experiences of treatment and accessibility. Another important element was whether the information was deemed to be readily available regardless of the respondent’s background and level of knowledge. Interviews were also conducted with healthcare professionals. Responses were then used by inUse to create a client journey map.

The result

Once the assignment was completed, we delivered a report including a visual overview in the form of a customer journey map showing the parents' journey from a positive pregnancy test to postnatal care. The map describes the experiences of parents at each step along the way. We also recommended development opportunities for Region Skåne’s ongoing treatment and organizational work at a strategic and more general level. One specific thing highlighted in the report was that existing services could be delivered more cohesively. Region Skåne is continuing to work with this material, which is currently being used by administrators to further develop the various processes.

The work performed by InUse helped us to look at the gaps at a higher level.. We were able to see the patient journey in its entirety and identify gaps, thus supporting our efforts to bridge them.

– Louise Ercolino, Region Skåne.