GS1 Global

Animated, Interactive value chain – From factory to Store

GS1 is a global non-profit organisation with member organisations in more than 110 countries. GS1 collaborates with trading partners, industrial leaders, governments and technology providers from ten or so industries. GS1 is run by more than one million member companies, which perform more than six billion transactions every day.

Everything from food retail, transport and logistics to the world’s most popular brands – all in an effort to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains that are becoming increasingly complex.

GS1 came to us with the task of creating an interactive web application that would explain their business and the benefits for companies and consumers in a simple, interesting way. Even if the GS1 system is the most widely used system for supply chains in the world, it can be difficult for the uninitiated to comprehend. How do barcodes fit into modern trading with multichannel trade? What is an Electronic Product Code (EPC), why should we worry about Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)? How can standards for data sharing contribute to improving safety in the food sector? These were some of the stories that needed to be told.

The web app is now replacing a number of different PowerPoint presentations, making it possible to present GS1’s offering in a simpler way. As the app is interactive, it is easy to adapt the presentation according to the market and the customer’s needs. A joint app also guarantees that employees all over the world are presenting GS1’s history and offering in a uniform way.

There were three key issues during the project:

  1. Avoid technical jargon and create content that customers understand.
  2. Design a playful solution that captures the listener’s interest through illustrations and animations – while at the same time being responsive in order to work on different devices.
  3. Create a flexible solution that allows the presenter to give a non-linear presentation and take a sideways detour, as well as going into more detail.

The project was run from a global level, with a project team of marketing managers from GS1’s member organisations all over the world.

inUse has, in effect, bottled what every presenter desires: a customer ‘Aha!’ moment.

– Lisa Sandberg, GS1 Global Marketing Director